Family run resort

Raks Thai Resort is located in Ao Nang, Krabi just 300 meters from the famous Noparathara beach, giving guests the option to simply walk to the long quiet beach and take in some of the sights in the area. There are also motorbikes for rent on site so if you feel like venturing a little further just talk with one of the staff as reception. Raks Thai Resort has been operating in Ao Nang for the past 20 years now, serving guests from hundred of countries worldwide, the moto of Raks Thai resort is to make you feel like family. Come and see how we can make your holiday special.

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RESERVATION HOTLINE +66 (0) 94-859-0808 Reservation assistance available 24 hours

Uniquely Designed Resort

The rooms at Raks Thai resort were designed with the central core values of Krabi’s ownership in mind, to remain as well integrated with nature as possible. Raks Thai resort was designed with aged bricks and tropical hardwood and not standard concrete which is used in so many of the hotels in Krabi, as the owners want to give a unique comfortable feeling to the guests. The room, grounds and amenities at Raks Thai reflect this management where you can see a large number of plants, trees and local vegetation throughout the property. Krabi is well knowns for it’s nature and beautiful landscapes, the management of Raks Thai try to keep these values of Krabi alive.


Raks Thai Resort, set in pristine Krabi only minutes to the beach is a great place to rest and relax with family and friends, the rooms and resort are fully equipped to meet your every need.